Eyes are the most sensitive and, in my opinion, the most precious part of human body. The world and things around us would no more be beautiful if there are no eyes to see. So eyes are something we need to really protect.

Hot weather is always hostile to our eyes. It makes the eyes reddish, generates itching, brings tears and many such effects. Although all these effects remain in effect for limited period of time but we should not take them lightly because they may permanently damage our eyes including the vision.

Here we have listed few easy precautions which you can take to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Tips to Protect your Eyes in Hot Weather

  • Avoid Direct Exposure to Sun: Use some good quality sun glasses. It would be great if you manage to get a polarized glasses.
  • Wash & Rinse: Wash your eyes 4-5 times a day with fresh moderately cold water. For best results, wash your eyes with rose-water(eye drops).
  • Don’t Let it Enter: Try not to let the sweat enter your eyes. Use head bands when going for sports or exercise. Develop a habit of cleaning your forehead and area around eyes with tissue or handkerchief. It will prevent sweat and minerals from entering into the eyes.
  • Use 5%: If you feel that your eyes are likely to develop an infection or something similar, use a good quality (prescribed) 5% eye drops.
  • Avoid Dust: When exposed to dusty wind or similar conditions like in desert, wear glasses to prevent the tiny dust particles from entering into your eyes.

If you still feel that your eyes are not in good condition, please consult your doctor for better treatment.

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